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Service Fees

Service Fee

Service Fee for landlords
Any rental agreements made after the 1st of June 2015 have to be paid by the landlord in accordance with the new German realtor regulations act (Bestellerprinzip). The service fees from House & Room are only charged of course after successful Mediation.
Our Services

>> Acceptance of the room, apartment, house, etc.
>> Consultation of the rental price structure
>> Preparation of professional photoshoots and exposés
>> Contemporary marketing of your property
>> Placement of your property on home page and various property portals
>> Registration, pre-selection and preliminary talks with possible buyers
>> Coordination of viewings
>> Obtaining a credit report on all potental tenants
>> Preparation of leases (leases are tested for short-term)

How House & Room calculates the service charges
The level of our service charges is calculated from the duration of operations in our lease: We structure quotes based on a commission of 23.8% of the monthly rent including a 19% VAT up to a maximum of 12 months. With this pricing structure you must pay the owner a maximum of 178.5% of the rent including the 19% VAT as service fees.

You rent out an apartment for four months at a price of 700.00 EUR. In this instance, a service fee of 70% of the monthly rent plus 19% VAT, in full the landlord receives 583.10 EUR in (gross) pay. Rental of your apartment for a rental period of 12 months, then 150% of the monthly rent plus 19% VAT payable: 1,249.50 EUR (gross)

Special case
By allowing a tenant to vacate your premises early on the basis of goodwill, we will take it upon ourselves to find a new tenant for your residence. When a new tenant is mediated by us, we apply the previous paid fees to the new tenant.

Additional paid Services: Energy Certification
Consumption Certificate: 60.00 € including 19% VAT
Performance Certificate: 70.00 € including 19% VAT

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